Alumni: Kosai Sekine

5 03 2012

Kosai Sekine created one of our favourite and most memorable pieces of work for Raindance Festival which picked up the top Special YDA prize as well as for Non-European Broadcast in 2006.
Six years on his career is prolific, turning over many commercials for the Japanese and international market but also with an eye to making features soon.

Please tell us what you’re doing now and where ?

I am based in Tokyo now as a film director.

I am directing TV commercials and online films, also music video and short films.

Represented by Stink, I sometimes work for international projects too.

What were the key moments from winning at the YDA to the present?

My key moment after YDA was 2009, when I won first Cannes Lion for Silver with a branded short film of Adidas.

Because of that Adidas film I started to receive better scripts & projects.

Did winning the YDA help you in any way?

Yes it helped me a lot and actually it was my first winning of big prize in advertising industry.

It was great to be known but also it helped me for promoting my style.

More people got to know my work and my visions. It also helped more appropriate projects come to me.

Which piece of work are you the proudest of and why? 

It’s difficult question because each project has different merits and demerits.

But I would say Nike Free Run was very challenging piece of work in the sense of idea / schedule / budget.

In the beginning it looks impossible project but everyone on the team worked so hard to make what we hadn’t seen before.

We made a musical instrument with Nike shoe by developing sensor put into shoe sole, connected to computers.

It meant we made music Shoe Sequencer which made it possible for the artists to play / make DJ style of music.

It was a big fun!

What would your dream job/script be?

It’s also a very difficult question, but freedom of direction is what I love!

I also love to develop scripts together with agency creatives. It makes the final result sharper.

What is the most valuable advice you have been given about film making?

Do what you believe, don’t do if you don’t believe – it’s what you told me, Francois! ; )

I always try to keep that in my mind… it’s the toughest thing to accomplish but the only truth about directors.

Who are the most inspirational directors for you? 

Tarsem, at this moment.

What are you watching, reading, listening to? Where do you see ads or branding most? 

I love to watch documentaries and read novels / manga to find resources for making feature films!

I also love to listen soundtracks because it inspires my imagination when I make films most.

I am not addicted to TV so I see ads online most – sometimes on screen in the airplanes.

See more work of Kosai’s here

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